Many companies simply switch to BIM software by providing a short software training course to their employees. That may be a start but does not qualify as an implementation. 6 months later they realize that they have invested a huge amount in software, technology, training and retraining resources, but are not getting any effective results - faster drafting, enhanced quality or higher productivity. They end up spending more time in coordination and in keeping up with BIM than really realizing any returns. Global Design helps streamline the entire process.

Global Design helps you realize your goals for BIM and suggests the right amount of investments at the right intervals. Moving too fast or moving too slow into BIM results in wastage of time and cost. Global Design recommends the right steps for BIM implementation and shares best BIM practices. We also implement temporary teams and run test cases to help you see the bottlenecks in your organization and initiate BIM without spending a lot upfront.

Advantages of Global Design BIM Consulting. Why choose us?